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MM Caster and Industrial Supply offers state-of-the-art durable kingpinless swivel caster wheels for the jobs where a traditional swivel caster may not cut it.

Kingpinless casters offer an attractive and cost-effective alternative to traditional casters, especially when dealing with heavy duty usage at greater than walking speed or across rugged terrain. They are much less likely to break under stress, potentially leading to some much more serious problem.

Unlike most casters, which are comprised of a number of smaller components held together in the middle by a kingpin, a kingpinless caster offers the advantage of basically being two forged pieces that swivel around a track of ball bearings to allow for motion. This means that when considerable strain is put on the caster, either from turning at speed or from hitting some obstruction, that the strain is distributed across a significantly wider apparatus, eliminating the potential for two independent plates with different directional forces to shear the central stabilizing component of the system.

MM Caster and Industrial Supply is a leader in production and supply of strong and smooth kingpinless caster wheels that reflect the world class quality that you expect from firms located in California's San Francisco Bay Area.

Please contact us and one of our knowledgeable associates will help you with any inquiries or to place an order to meet your needs.