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caster Terminology

1. Overall Height- The vertical distance from the surface of the top plate to the bottom of the wheel.

2. Offset- The horizontal distance between the center of the swivel kingpin and the center of the axle.
(Not shown in diagram).

3. Swivel Radius - The horizontal distance from the vertical center line of the kingpin to the outside 
edge of the wheel.

4. Wheel Diameter

5. Tread Width

Dynamic or Rolling Load- The load on a caster or wheel while in motion.

Static Load- The load on a caster while it is stationary.

Rollability - Rollability is the force required to begin or maintain motion. Rollability is affected by 
wheel size, type of tread, and bearings. The larger the wheel diameter and/or harder the tread material
the easier it will roll.

Steering- Steering is affected by the type of wheel, tread, and swivel. Swivel offset is a factor in ease of 
steering. Too short a lead will increase steering effort, but too much lead can reduce load capacity and
may cause wobble.