MM Caster and Industrial Supply is your San Francisco Bay Area caster provider. We manufacture a wide range of casters, from light duty to industrial strength, pneumatic to stainless steel, rigid and swivel, all at the highest quality and at competitive rates sold directly to our discerning customers around the world. We also provide a selection of levelers, leveling mounts with the same professional integrity for those things that don't need to move.

We make all of our products to meet the high level of quality standards that gives this region renown for its exports. When you buys casters of any type from us, you can know that you are purchasing Bay Area casters, and you can know that means quality. We do not just make world class products, we make Bay Area, California class products.

We are proud to live up to the reputation our region has for professional excellence, and we do our best to live up to that standard in sales and service as well as production. Our staff is highly trained, friendly and knowledgeable about the products we provide. Please contact us, and one of them will answer any inquiries that you might have and/or assist you in placing an order to meet whatever needs you have.