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Jarvis 31 Series

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MM Caster and Industrial Supply is your industrial caster and general duty caster producer and supplier. Whether you need huge kingpinless swivel casters for moving thousands of pounds of equipment over rough terrain or small stainless steel rigid casters for use in appliances, we are your easy one stop shop for ordering online.

All of our products are made with the high quality standards that make the San Francisco Bay Area world famous for its cutting edge exports, and shipped to our happy customers all over the world from this easy-to-use ordering platform.

We manufacture a wide range of casters, from light duty to industrial strength, pneumatic to stainless steel, rigid and swivel, all at the highest quality and at competitive rates sold directly to our discerning customers around the world. We have casters appropriate for any industry; we even sell high temp casters for use in excessive heat, and have light duty casters for those who need them. We also provide a selection of machine levelers, leveling mounts with the same professional integrity for those things that don't need to move.

We make ordering easy. All of our products are available here on our website and competitively priced so that, regardless of your need, you can buy casters online safely without any problems, and receive them in a timely manner.

Our clients span a wide range of industries, from education to aerospace to health care to retail. Whatever your industry is, feel free to contact us. Our associates are highly trained, knowledgeable and ready help you with any information you need about our products. Please feel free to contact us at any time and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Our caster and leveling products are guaranteed to be at the cutting edge of available technologies and are backed up by a professional staff of knowledgeable and friendly associates who are waiting to help you find exactly the right tool for any application, whether it be for huge industrial carts or light duty casters in office equipment. We will find a way to meet your needs for casters, effectively and affordably.

Please check out our individual pages for information on our stock of:

  1. Industrial casters
  2. High temp casters
  3. Swivel casters
  4. Medium duty casters
  5. General duty casters
  6. Light duty casters
  7. Stainless steel casters
  8. Leveling mounts
  9. Machine levelers and leveling feet
  10. Kingpinless casters

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